Mental Heath Initiative

Outfitt is proud to launch our mental health initiative where we are offering our $5 sessions, usually only available to Surf lifesavers, to all emergency services personnel.

If you work in one of these high-stress jobs; Department of Fire and Emergency Services, W.A Police, Army, Emergency Doctors & Nurses or Ambulance services you are invited to join our group session every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 6pm your first session is free so come and give it a go.

There is a huge amount of research showing exercise, particularly high-intensity interval training has a positive impact on mental health it is now being used effectively to treat depression and PTSD as well as heart disease and a raft of other physical conditions.

All of our regular crew know how great it feels at the end of an Outfitt session, no matter how bad your day has been or what is going on in your life this class is a constant a reliable pressure valve where you can blow off steam while supported by a motivated team who won’t leave you behind or let you give up.