The Trainers

Our OUTFITT trainers Guy Mouritz and Kenny Tomczak provide mini, intense adventures in every session, jam-packed with hard core physical challenges that you’d never imagine doing by yourself.

We’ve recently made an addition to our team of trainers, with the introduction of Patch Tulloch who has joined the ranks in May 2016!


Guy joined OUTFITT in 2003. After training with the fitness group for three years, Guy became a member of North Cottesloe Surf Club and then became one of the trainers in 2009. Guy’s focus is to encourage friends of existing surf club members to become lifesavers themselves and keeping the team ‘rescue-ready’ all year round. Guy enjoys competing in a number of adventure races including Tough Mudder, Augusta Adventure Series and the Race around Rottnest. His classes are a combination of speed, strength, flexibility and high intensity interval training using the beach and surrounding environments to test the groups limits. Guy insists that the group works hard and also plays hard so you can expect several parties throughout the year to balance out all the hard training.


Kenny joined OUTFITT in 2008 after being introduced by a friend. In 2011, Ken was invited to assist with instructing a couple of session and in 2012 he became a regular instructor, sharing the role with Guy. Known for his superhuman agility, Ken’s background is in Surf Lifesaving, joining the movement in 1987 – he has competed in all surf disciplines including land, water, team and craft, in both State and National competition.  Ken relies on his varied physical conditioning background to manage the demands of instructing OUTFITT session and draws on his own experiences to add variety to the roving style workouts.


Patch has trained with OUTFITT for the past four years. A die-hard fanatic of the group, he rarely misses a session. Patch has joined the ranks with Guy and Kenny and made his training debut in May 2016.